• Sheryl Li

    Sheryl Li

  • Dev Patel

    Dev Patel

    ML X SynthBio | Looking to learn, grow and build the ideas of the future into reality. | 15y/o

  • Ariya Gupta

    Ariya Gupta

  • Victoria Dmitruczyk

    Victoria Dmitruczyk

    Currently diving into the intersection of AI, energy, and cellular agriculture. Now, for a pun. What’s a wind turbine’s favourite colour? Blew.

  • Matthew Ao

    Matthew Ao

    Hey there! I contemplate, code, and write. Join me in my exploration of things I find interesting.

  • kibar 🦀

    kibar 🦀

    software developer | @rustlang | @kotlin | @flutter | @vuejs | linux enthusiast

  • Shivani Srinivasan

    Shivani Srinivasan

  • Dickson Wu

    Dickson Wu

    Hi I’m Dickson! I’m an 18-year-old innovator who’s excited to change the course of humanity for the better — using the power of ML!

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